Phytolamination of hair and nail extension Biogel - Natural Beauty

The phytolamination procedure has become relatively recently recently recently appeared in the market for hair care, has become a real rescue for the category of people with intolerance to the chemical impact on the scalp: pregnant and nursing mothers, allergic.
Phytolamination of hair and nail extension Biogel - Natural Beauty
The full rejection of ammonia became a real revolutionary breakthrough, now the hair first is treated and restored, and not just painted. The special composition of the means by which the phytolamination of the hair is made consists entirely of natural natural components:

- proteins of silk and corn equalize the structure of the hair along the entire length, make more smooth;
- grape seed extract, sunflower, beans saturated with vitamins and trace elements, and also create a layer of protection against harmful external factors.
The coloring effect is achieved due to the special ionic structure of cream paint, which envelops the hair and gives the hair not only the desired shade, but also shine, strength, silkiness. Staining durability lasts from three weeks to two months, depending on the peculiarities of the hair. An important advantages of phytolamination are:

- the possibility of staining immediately after the chemical curling and other procedures;
- full and successful painting seeds;
- The procedure can be carried out every month, the benefit for hair from the frequency of use is only increasing.
Another reversal in the direction of harmless cosmetology is the appearance of biogel for nail extension. Its main purpose is to eliminate the problems of the nail plate, which appeared as a result of regular nail extensions with gel or acrylic. Biogel herself all the cracks, eliminates the fragility and stratification, gives the hardness of the nail plate. To apply it, you do not need to carry out the top layer of the nail. But it will not be possible to achieve a large nail lengthening, since the main task of biogel is the treatment, and not an elongation. But on a slightly elongated and stronger at the expense of biogel Nail, you can create an interesting design manicure. The color palette of the tools is constantly expanding, as well as improvements in the composition in which the content of natural components increases.

Advantages of using biogel for nail extensions:

- the ability to build nail to people suffering from allergies, as well as pregnant and nursing women;
- therapeutic effect, which makes it possible to restore the nail structure affected by the multiple extension of gel and acrylic;
- By duration, the procedure for building a biogel is much shorter compared to other materials. Looking for php developers ? Best PHP outsourcing company in Ukraine. Hire now.

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