How to cook paint for an Easter egg?

As Easter approaches, we will definitely add paint for Easter eggs to our list of markets.

It does not matter whether they are in the form of cards, capsules or pills. The main thing is that they were.

However, did you think that, although their manufacturers declare that they are completely safe for our health, this is not at all. Think how hard it is to wash your hands after we painted Easter eggs.

Because paints contain chemicals that can be dangerous to us and the environment.

That's why we will give you recommendations, how to draw Easter eggs homemade paints for eggs.

Of course, they will not have such saturated colors, but they will give you pleasure to experiment, as well as have a clean conscience in front of the mother-nature.

Here are some plants that can be used to prepare egg dyes - natural and completely harmless.

Homemade egg paints
Red color - beet juice, in which you can add cranberry juice.

Blue color - blueberry juice, in which you can add juice with boiled red cabbage.

Green color - leaves of boiled spinach, but to obtain a dark green color you can add to the decoction and a little blueberry and turmeric juice.

Yellow. For this purpose, Kurkuma and Saffron are well suited for this purpose, and you can add some green tea or chamomile to them.

Purple color - red wine into which you can add boiled peel of the red bow.

All listed natural dyes for staining eggs should be boiled at least 10 minutes so that they reveal their characteristic color.

Those who do not need to boil (for example, ink juice or red wine) must be warm before putting eggs in them. For more brighter and resistant colors, add some apple vinegar to the paint.

Eggs for eggs from household goods

You can freely experiment with different colors and apply different egg drawing techniques, but try to get a beautiful red, blue and yellow paint, because after coloring red, yellow and blue eggs, respectively, you can mix colors, getting new colors.

For example, from red and yellow you will get orange, of blue and yellow - green, from red and blue - purple. Those. From the listed 3 colors you can get new 3, which will help you decorate your Easter table with the most beautiful eggs.

That is, we create and have fun with your homemade eggs, and Mother Nature will delight you with all the soul! Top 10 mail order brides websites with real reviews.

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