NetEnt is preparing Roulette MAX: 4 wheels, payouts up to 5,000x

NetEnt is preparing Roulette MAX: 4 wheels, payouts up to 5,000x

New Zealand Online Casino BonusesNetEnt prepares Roulette MAX: 4 wheels, payouts up to 5,000x 0 comments On December 1, NetEnt launches a new live roulette, Roulette MAX. This will be a new take on the classic game. The main difference is that not 1 wheel is used, but 4 at once: one main and three MAX wheels. The RTP of the game is 97.05%. All four wheels will be used simultaneously, and not like in Evolution's Instant Roulette where there are only 12 wheels, but the game takes place on each of them separately %s.New Zealand Online Casino Bonuses.. NetEnt seems to be trying to modernize their new roulette as much as possible. Neon lighting in the studio, new types of roulette bets. Even a new concept of presenters is promised. New types of bets Unlike other roulettes, Roulette MAX offers several options for one type of bet. For example, there are four options for a clean number: the same clean number on one wheel, two, three or four at the same time. Since such a scenario is the least likely, the payout at this rate is maximum - 5,000x. There are also new types of bets: On this topic Gonzo pokie machine. Where to play and why is it so popular? Combination bets - pay out when the same number appears on at least two wheels at the same time %s... Payouts from 28: 1 to 5,000: 1. Spread bets - the punter bets on the sum of numbers from all wheels. There are six options from 0-17 to 120-144. Payouts will be different, from 1: 2 to 299: 1. MAX bet - pays out if any of the numbers is repeated on two or more wheels. Payouts from 4: 1 to 499: 1. Column bets - you need at least two numbers from this column to fall on the wheels. Ratio up to 11: 1 %s... Color bets - bets on black/red, pay out if three or four balls hit the same color. Ratio up to 3: 1.

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