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Instantpay Casino is a casino banned by Roskomnadzor, where gullible people still continue to play. As always, several sites with purchased reviews are displayed on the first search page in Yandex. But if you look deeper, it becomes clear why Roskomnadzor is interested in the grand casino. In this article, I will provide real reviews about instantpay Casino, from which you will understand what a scam it is!

It is impossible to win at Instant pay Casino!

I have been playing for 5 years, however, very rarely, I have never laid down more than$ 3, I have never won, only a minus. If you see that someone has won, it's just a fake person. The admins ' answers are standard, they don't care about you. Integrity control is a complete mess. Among the advantages of this casino, we can note only not a bad interface and a large selection of games, there are also a lot of ways to enter money into the casino, I did not look at the conclusions, because there was no special need. I want to note that most of the resources of this casino are blocked in order to enter it,

you need to enter through Kazakhstan or some other sites. Think about why they are always blocked everywhere. Once a month, a girl calls you and offers bonuses when replenishing your account, when asked why you only lose all the way, she hangs up.

Instant Casino does not withdraw winnings!

I put $ 50 on the account and lost. I played mostly only roulette. I put in another $ 50 and raised $ 410 on roulette. I put everything on the output. I waited for three days, the money is not withdrawn. I contacted the support service. they told me to send them my data, i.e. an identity card and a bank card. I corresponded with them for three weeks. as a result, I was transferred $ 50 to the card. I turned to them again, to which they wrote to me that the payment could be in parts. a week later, another 50 d came. somehow I brought out my own only 100 were returned and the remaining 310 in support said that the bank probably threw me. One-goal football!

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