He joked that in a minute it will be at home so that I weld the coffee and hid the lover. He did not suspect that he was right

I met Alexander two years before the wedding, and after three we had Lena born. We lived in the house on the outskirts of the city and it was a wonderful time. I started to combine the care of the child with work at home, and everything was safe. But by the end of my maternity leave, with Sasha, a small crisis with Sasha had happened and things were not in the best way.

Once I met Mikhail and started a secret romance with him. We met twice a week, always in the morning in his house. Sometimes I took Lena from kindergarten after lunch, and Sasha attended customers during the day, so it was easy.

[H1] I did not do anything stupid [/ h1].
I laished with Mikhail, but he was not of those with whom I would like to live. However, I enjoyed relations with him and not so worried about the trifles of the house. Sasha noticed, and we gradually began to get closer again. We spent more time together, they talked more and again became a good pair. At that time I decided to spend several times with Misha, and then focus on Alexandra.

That morning, I took Lena to kindergarten, and when I was driving home, I had a desire to meet with Mikhail. I called him, but he said that his all day would have a worker at home and nothing would not work. Therefore, I decided to call him home and then take it back, as I was going to pick up my daughter after dinner. Misha was ready, he sat in the car and we went. I closed the door of the house on the castle and we pounced on each other. It was strange to see him in our house. Suddenly treason seemed more real.

When we lay on the bed, Sasha called me. "I will be at home in a minute, can we drink coffee?". - He said fun, and I almost had a heart attack. "Of course I will prepare it now." I tried to understand where he was. "Give me three minutes and hide your lover!" - He laughed and I was spasmodically laughed with him. I still shouted loudly: "Misha, you have to hide, my husband is going home" and in the blink of an eye began to dress.

[H1] It was very difficult. [/ h1]
Mikhail hid in a closet, where we kept our junk, I put in order the rest of the things, went to rinse the mouth and splash the spirits. Sasha arrived and began to call the call. The entrance door was partially glass, so it was possible to look inside. I laughed loudly and said: "Faster, he is here," fastening trousers and correlacing shirt. I specifically tried to overdo it, and Sasha laughed. When we were in the kitchen, he asked if I had a break, while my kindergarten was in kindergarten, but I refused, saying that was busy, and pointing to a computer. We went to the gazebo to drink coffee, and all this time I was afraid that Misha would not come out.

Along half an hour, Adam got up, we kissed and he went to work. My heart was pounded all this time, and I immediately took Mikhail home. I broke with him on the same day and decided to keep silence. Sasha did not recognize anything, but in a year we still divorced. Best Training courses for leadership development https://cosmitto.com.au/course-category/leadership-development/ skills in Australia.

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