Departing on nature

Going to rest, we always try to collect all the most necessary and first of all, fold the tent. Each person chooses the appropriate for himself in size, form and other parameters.
There are several moments that each tourist should know when choosing and installing, so as not to be later in the unpleasant situation in nature.
In order for your tent to stood firmly and did not lose the original form, the maximum durable and high-quality carcass must be present. How to determine what is the best? Frame arcs must be made of steel, fiberglass or aluminum. It is important that it is not too heavy, as it will complicate the installation of the entire tent. It is the easiest, the high quality of the material used and the simplicity in the installation plays a huge role.
Also do not forget about the protection against moisture. Most often in tents use polyurethane impregnation for an external tenent and bottom layer. In order for the material to be the most waterproof often impregnate several times. After that, it becomes much more densely and harder. In some cases, siliconization is used, most often in expensive tents. With its help, the water simply rolls, not time to absorb and get inside.
Before installing the tent, it is necessary to first check its package, whether all the parts are in place and did nothing damaged during transportation. This is important in order not to be that something is missing when you have half work done. In this case, you can correct damage if possible and only then proceed to work.
And probably the most important thing is to remember that whatever the tent, it will be able to protect exclusively from rain and wind, and only then save the normal temperature. Without a good sleeping bag and warm linen, you will not be able to get a lot of relaxation for the rest, which was hoping. Of course, summer and hot time is not always concerned. You can never count only on one tent! In such a pastime, it is always important to all and cannot be forgotten about it. In order not to spoil your weekend, especially in the cold season it is important to do the following:
• Proper tent installation;
• presence of sleeping bags, rugs, etc.
• Proper clothes
• Rich food
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