Rules for the use of juices of fruits and vegetables in the process of weight loss

Almost all diets limit the intake of essential nutrients into the body, including vitamins, and minerals. In order to somehow correct this state of affairs in the recipes of many diets, the possibility of using natural juices is introduced.

Unfortunately, not so much diets, in which the rules for the use of juices from vegetables and fruits are painted in detail and on points, and therefore many losing weights allow serious mistakes that are not only reduced by "no" their efforts to relieve extra kilograms, but also cause the body Significant harm.

Below are the basic recommendations on how to use natural juices proper during the period of diet.

Down with fruit juices!

The first thing you need to remember losing weight is that fruit juices and weight loss are incompatible. The reason is that in fruit juices there are a lot of sugar, and therefore they contribute to a set of unnecessary kilograms, and not to get rid of them.

Of course, not all fruit juices are applied equally great harm for the process of weight loss. So below will be said that apple juice is suggest, and the pomegranate is even necessary for losing weight. But the orange juice will have to be excluded from its diet completely.

Give juices vegetable!

Once it is impossible to drink fruit juices, and it is necessary to drink juices, we should give preference to vegetable juices, for example, beet or carrot juice. In these juices, there are many vitamins and trace elements, but few sugar, therefore, they cannot contribute to the deposition of fatty deposits.

However, the use of vegetable juices is associated with its difficulties. So vegetable juices need mandatory dilution. Dilution is necessary not only to improve the taste of vegetable juice, but also in order to reduce the excessive concentration of certain biologically active substances present in the composition of vegetable juices. For example, carrot juice contains a lot of beta-carotene, an excess of which can lead to a carotine jaundice in a person.

You can dilute vegetable juices with mineral water, and you can also with other juice. So let's say apple juice in small quantities and not sweet sorts of apples.

Juice on anemia!

One of the tasks whose solution is imposed on natural juices during the diet period is the fight against anemia. For this purpose you need to use pomegranate juice. This juice is used, both for preventing anemia and for the treatment of this disease. Pomegranate juice effectively increases blood hemoglobin. But it is necessary to drink it carefully, very little and only diluted mineral water. Several teaspoons of pomegranate juice can be added to salads as a refueling. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing. You don't have to take things personally by looking at how everyone else is making money. , make a lot of money instead of going to work like everyone else. You have to start earning everything because you absolutely do not need to. There is freedom here, to win, to be the best, and to improve your gambling skills.

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