Real Estate Photos And Videos

Do you know what percentage of home buyers used the Internet as part of their home search in 2020? According to the National Association of Realtors on their report ” Highlights From the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” released on Nov 2020, internet home searches increased to an all time high of 97%. Download the full report here.

That means that real estate photos of your home are critical, they will determine the selling price of a home, how quickly it sells and whether it sells at all. That is why at Brickellmania LLC we don’t take the importance of the real estate photos lightly. Hiring a professional photographer who knows how to present your property in the most attractive way is a must for us. We also offer professional video services that we post on YouTube and other platforms to advertise your property.

Why to do professional real estate photos and video when selling your home?

According to the washingtonpost:

” Professionally photographed homes sell 32% faster than other listings… Professionally photographed homes command a 47 % higher asking price per square foot. “

How to prepare your house for a professional real estate photography session

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is looking for properties online, someone who works Monday to Friday and only have a few hours on Saturday afternoon and maybe some on Sunday. Which house do you think that person will chose to see? Believe it or not, the two kitchens in the pictures below are pretty much the same size, however the one on the right looks much more specious and inviting to visit. At least the day scheduled for the real estate photos, the property should be staged and decluttered to attract more buyers.

real estate photos
  • Remove personal items: We tend to store an excess of items, souvenirs from our travels, clothes, shoes, but remember, if you haven’t used them in over a year, you probably don’t need them. You want to present buyers with an impersonal, clean environment so they can imagine the home perhaps decorated with their own photographs, furniture, and art objects. The goal is to make it easy for a potential buyer to see the house as their future home.
  • Declutter the spaces: When you have too much furniture the space looks smaller. Minimize the furniture to the minimum, give the buyers the chance to visualize the space with their own furniture. Also, clean everything off your kitchen counters. Essential items that you use daily can be tucked away in small boxes that you can place in a closet when they’re not in use.
  • Remove items that you do not want to sell: If you plan on taking certain built-in appliances, or fixtures with you, remove them prior to showing the house.
  • Minor repairs: Replace door knobs in the kitchen cabinet doors. Fix leaky faucets and doors that don’t close properly, as well as kitchen drawers that jam. Replace burned-out light bulbs. Paint the doors and change the knobs. Paint the walls in neutral colors, preferably white or beige.
  • Cleaning and organizing interior: Wash the windows glasses inside and out and allow more light in the house, clean under the furniture. Organize the closets and the kitchen cabinets, even inside the fridge.
  • Cleaning and organizing exterior: Make the exterior of your house more appealing and welcoming by painting your front door, pressure clean the driveway and the sidewalk, hire a landscaper to fix your garden, Mow your lawn and remove weeds every week. Keep your walkway and porch clean and accessible. Hire a handyman to fix any cracks and paint the driveway.